Lily Greenham

Lily Greenham (4 January 1924 - 31 October 2001) was an Austrian-born Danish visual artist, performer, composer and leading proponent of sound poetry and concrete poetry.

1980s Photograph of Lily Greenham and Hugh Davies performing
Photograph of Lily Greenham and Hugh Davies performing on stage. Credit: Roel Visser

The Lily Greenham Archive

The Lily Greenham Archive is housed in Special Collections at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is looked after by the Lily Greenham Advisory Group, chaired by Dr James Bulley (Research Associate at the Department of Music, Goldsmiths). Other current members of the group include: Dr Lauren Redhead, Dr Iris Garrelfs, Andrew Walsh-Lister, Ian Stonehouse, Michael Parsons and John Lely. To arrange an appointment to visit the Lily Greenham Archive at Goldsmiths, please book through Goldsmiths Special Collections For other enquiries about Lily Greenham’s work, please contact Dr James Bulley.

An Art of Living

In 2024, in celebration of the centenary of Greenham’s birth, the Badischer Kunstervein in Karlsruhe, Germany hosted a major large-scale retrospective exhibition surrounding Greenham’s work, titled Lily Greenham: An Art of Living. The exhibition was curated by James Bulley, Andrew Walsh-Lister, Anja Casser and Alex Balgiu. This website, Lily Greenham: An Art of Living was published alongside the exhibition, and serves as an ongoing digital resource for Greenham’s work and the ongoing research that surrounds it.